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I came up with the idea for Tendagrave shortly after my wonderful grandma died. She's buried with my grandad in Suffolk but I live in Kent and the rest of my family are scattered around the country. I was quite lucky for a while as my best friend lived only a couple of miles from their grave and would pop over for me when I asked and put flowers on and tidy it up. Then she moved to Australia which meant there was no-one to help.

The summer after my friend emigrated, I drove up to the grave with a pot of lovely flowers which I hoped would add some colour for a few months before I could visit again. Knowing the pot would need watering, I put a note up in the church with my number asking if someone could contact me if they could look after the pot. No-one called. It was a very hot summer and within a couple of weeks the flowers had withered and died.

All I wanted was for someone to water the pot for me but it seemed impossible to find someone to do it. This was when I realised that I was probably not the only person in this situation. I could not find any organisation or service out there that could help so decided that maybe I should come up with one myself.

Now, a few years later, Tendagrave is up and running. It's something I feel very passionate about and hope that it brings some comfort to those people who have lost a loved one but aren't close enough to their final resting place to show that they still think about them often and still care. I know that we do think about them often and do care and through this site we can show just how much.