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Please browse the following frequently asked questions to find out more or scroll down the screen to read.



How does this site work?

It is so simple to use our site. The first step is to register where you will be asked where you are located and how often you are able to help others. You can then tell us about the grave you would like help with. Once you are matched with someone you can arrange for flowers to be delivered to them, or discuss with them the services you need. The idea is that no money changes hands.


I don't want to register: can I still use the site?

Sadly not. We require your registration in order to plot your location on our system and find the best matches for you. Registration is quick and easy and takes less than 5 minutes.


I have registered but have not received any emails.

Please check your spam filter and junk mail inbox as these sometimes get lost in there. If, after checking these locations you still cannot locate the email, please contact our Tech team by using the form here.


How do I know what frequency of visits a user is expecting?

Frequency of visits is part of the search that enables us to narrow down the results to people more likely to help in your area. However it is up to you and the other party to discuss the finer details of times and what is required.


When I click offer help I'm asked to add a grave, I don't want to do this.

Tendagrave works on both parties requiring assistance. If you would like to offer assistance to another user but require nothing in return please use the default search tab at the top and then contact the specific user directly.


I have a relatives grave in a strange location can i still add it?

Yes of course. Simply go to your profile page, hit Add Grave and then just enter the closest town in the search section. You can now drag and drop the marker/pointer on the google map to the right. Once you are happy with its location click "find address"


Will my relatives details be kept secure?

Yes. All information about your relatives is kept securely. Their location is shown on the map but in order to obtain more details a user must contact you.


I don't want to help, can I pay for somebody to tend a grave?

No. Tendagrave is an altruistic website aimed at people helping each other. No money should change hands between parties. You maybe surprised at what little you can do to help someone so why not send them a message and ask.


I can't see anybody in the area I'm looking for?

Are you looking in a remote location in which case please come back to the site later and check to see if any new users have appeared in that area.


How do I see what my profile looks like to other?

Click "my profile" at the top of the page. Then under your profile image on the left of the screen click "preview profile".


How do I find what graves a person has?

This is easy. Go to their profile page and click the blue number to the right of "Requests for help". This will display the graves that user has added.


I'm trying to upload a profile picture but it will not work

There is a maximum file size of 300kb and maximum dimensions of 900px by 900px so if your image is larger than this it will have to be reduced before uploading to our system. If this is not the case and you are still having problems please contact our Tech team.


I've uploaded a profile picture but it will not display

After uploading your image be sure to click the green "select" link under the thumbnail. This will change your profile picture.


I've been sent inappropriate content in a message / I've seen a grave with inappropriate content

Please notify us by clicking the "report user" link under the persons profile page image. OR within your messaging system click the "report user" link.


Why did you start this website?

Please see the about us page for more information on the people behind Tendagrave


Do you make money from this website?

No. Tendagrave is a non-profit web site set-up in order to help the loved ones we've lost. The site does cost money to keep running so if you would like to make a donation please see our donations page here.